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BMW Serie 6 Tension by AC Schnitzer

Over the top tuning

AC Schnitzer engineers developed the AC Schnitzer TENSION Street Version for the entire 6-series (630i – M6) in various refinement levels. In a hard development and testing phase of just 11 months, they converted the original technology platform for everyday suitability and implemented reliability at series level. For reliability is as essential to the AC Schnitzer engineers as driving pleasure. And because the number of potential conversions is limited to 50 examples worldwide, the AC Schnitzer TENSION Street Version“ will remain a particularly exclusive phenomenon. In technological development, particular attention is paid to aerodynamics and body design. The Street Version of the TENSION, in comparison with the standard 6-series, has a stylish new bon net with large chrome-edged air outlet and a modified front skirt. This gives the vehicle not only a more striking and fl atter appearance, but at high speeds also takes the cold air flow for the engine and the front brakes into a new dimension together with the downforce on the front of the car. Air outlet openings on both front wings, which with their three chrome ribs and integral flashers resemble a shark‘s jaw, support optimum venting of the entire engine bay. With the AC Schnitzer 5.1 l engine for the BMW 645i and 650i with manual or automatic transmission, the power reserves also achieve exclusive dimensions. The torque rises from 450 or 490 Nm respectively to a superb 550 Nm and the power reaches a stately 302 kW (411 HP). The result is a top speed of 285 km/h.

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