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Chevrolet Camaro convertible concept

Chevrolet unveils the muscle car

After seeing it at 2007 Naias, we shall now wait until 2009 to buy it – in America, of course- But until then you can admire this beautiful Chevrolet Camaro getting a look at’s photogallery!
The new convertible porposal of GM Group shows to be preatty powerful, brawny and angry, a proper Camaro sports car. A great powerful V8 lays under the voluminous hood, while big rear tyres dress 22 inch alloys up.
The shape reminds us definately the traditional livery of classical Chevrolet Camaro, which was born 40 years ago, differing from it by some new elements: the little air intakes and a stylish front first of all. Therefore, design has definately no changement, by the way it is not easy to renew a car which is already perfect!
Inside the cab, what first hits our attention is elegance and regard to all deatilings. High quality materials plays a main role, together with a great colours mix. The dashboard meets new and old elements: clima, instrument panel and steering-wheel’s shape reminds us past Seventy’s muscle-cars, but we also find advanced present materials and digital technology.

TUTTO SU Chevrolet
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