Diatto Ottovù by Zagato

Happy 100th birthday...

The renowned car manufacturer Diatto is celebrating its 100th birthday this year: for the occasion, Diatto decided to joint again the old partnership with aicraft design company Zagato, since 1921. As a matter of facts, two car collectors required to Zagato two special liftings for two Diatto vehicles, which are going to be powered by a great 4.6 litres V8 of more than 500 horsepower, realized by Roush. Light The new two Granturismo’s bodyworks are in whole aluminium, to represent a distinctive element which characterized Zagato’s work. The name Ottovù Zagato reminds that glorious past cars, that is why Diatto Ottovu’ Zagato can be considered a sure “Instant Classic”. Interior: a show room Inside the cab looks particularly polished, which nshow a dashing design thanks to the exclusive and functional rear. The baggage is placed behind the seats. Old-fashioned and modern We really appreciated this dashing product by Zagato, which gave us great feelings: we could admire it at the recent Concorso d’Eleganza in Villa d’Este. Together with it, we could also admire the beautiful Maserati GS Concept…take a glance to our photogallery to have a taste of it!