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Ferrari F430 Black Miracle by Hamann

Black & orange... aggressive!

Hamann Motorsport is proud to introduce the new Ferrari F430 Black Miracle. The Hamann engineers have developed a large number of aerodynamic components which turn the 360 into a real designer piece. It speaks for itself that all of the mounted components are optimised both with regard to the weight and the performance. In addition to the optical enhancement, the driving stability of the Ferrari 360 is also improved as a result of the HAMANN aerodynamic components. In detail Hamann changed, modified or improved dozens of aerodaynamic parts like gullwing doors, front spoiler, side wings, rear diffuser, air dams, rear spoiler, side mirrors painted in illuminate, red brake calipers painted in illuminate red, engine hood frames painted in illuminate red. It’s hard to make a Ferrari more aggressive tha the original version… Hamann Motorsport made it!

TUTTO SU Ferrari F430
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