Fiat Bravo Coupè

Pure Italian style

The recent Fiat Bravo is a sporty five door hatchback, with good handling and powerful T-Jet direct fuel injection engines. We’ll be pleased to see a coupe version, with big alloy wheels, leather & rivestimenti interni esclusivi seats, and a lot of horses under the bonnet! The chassis comes from Fiat C-segment platform, but the look is quite original:’s Fiat Bravo coupe is a good heir for the Fiat Coupè designed by Chris Bangle in the nineties.

Fiat Bravo Coupè could be powered by the T-Jet family. Starting with the two supercharged 1.400 fuel units, which can offer outstanding performance and not too high consumptions. The same we can say for the two 1.9 diesel, with the same power. But maybe Bravo Cabrio could also be equipped by a more powerful powerttrain , maybe the great 1.8 turbo fuel with direct injection… and it could also feature an ineditied Abarth livery…let us dream!

We hope you’ll appreciate personal desinger’s impressions about Fiat Bravo Coupè, waiting for some announcement by Fiat for a mid size sports coupe, maybe, we’ll say it again, branded Abarth!