Fiat FCC Adventure

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Fiat FCC Adventure Fiat reveals Concept Car Adventure at the 24th International Autoshow in Sao Paolo Here we are back after a travel in Brazil. With its 80 millions of inhabitants, this country astonished us for the incredible variety of cars that run on its roads: Fiat Siena and Fiat Idea Adventure, Volkswagen Parati, Chevrolet Celta and Chevrolet Corsa, and many others… Fiat is now celebrating its 30th anniversary in Brazil. On the occasion, a new track-oriented prototype was revealed at the Sao Paolo Autoshow: Concept Car Adventure, an amazing car which follows hot on the heels of Adventure versions of the Idea and Palio. A surprising design In the middle between an off-road and a coupè, Fiat FCC (Fiat Concept Car) Adventure shows a really innovative design, compact but at the same time cutting edge; the front is characterized by a radiator grill which follows the family feeling of the set, for a very aggressive look. Designed by Centro Estilo Fiat do Brasil, this car shows a cutting edge and tough side, with visible rear air intakes. Moreover, the rear sudden strikes for its wide spoiler and for the absence of a window. The two-seater interior is polished and comfortable, with ergonomic seats, and bicolored, trimmed in black, orange and silver. The instrument panel is simple, in a perfect Fiat style, with a big logo at the centre of the steering-wheel, for a whole proper sporty effect. Engine Fiat FCC is powered by a 167-hp five-cylinder engine, with a front wheel drive. Other features include four-wheel-independent suspension, adjustable shock absorbers, Pirelli Zero 285/60 R18P tires on 18×9,5 wheels. The idea is that of creating a sort of off-road with a coupè appeal. We do not know if this proptotype will enter the commerce, and we even wonder if we will ever see it in the European auto shows…maybe this is not possible, or maybe it is, as in the last years the market shows to appreciate even the most creative models.