Fiat nuova Bravo, Lancia Delta HPE e ….

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Fiat new Bravo, Lancia Delta HPE and…. They are both thrilling all foreign cars, while waiting for the third new entry… Good things always come in three’s. And this is so true for Fiat: after Lancia Delta HPE and Fiat new Bravo, our attention is now focused on Alfa Romeo car manufacturer, which has already announced its new 149. 2006: this is an important year for Italy, not only because we got the World Cup, but also because Italian car market has had a positive booming period. Now all world is interested by this Italian car business’ development, and everybody set their eyes on the new Italian cars. Alfa 159, Brera and Spider: those are three models which took Alfa Romeo back into the spotlight, with its innovative, sports and elegant shapes. On the other hand, Fiat has prepared its future with many new entries: Grande Punto, Panda and Croma, new Fiat 500, and its last great debut: new Fiat Bravo. (LINK??) Moreover, Lancia is bringing back to new life a traditional name, which in particular became glorious thanks to its victories on races: Lancia Delta HPE(link?) This year 2006 is closing with the last new entry: Alfa Romeo 149, the new proposal from Alfa Romeo car manufacturer for the C-segment. So waiting for this third creature, which represents Fiat Group’s rebirth, we can suggest you once more an hypothetical description of the future Alfa 149 (LINK???), as we have already done for the new Fiat Bravo. We hope this new car will have the same success of new Fiat Bravo. After B-segment, Fiat aims at C for 2007/2008 Italian Groupe, directed from Sergio Marchionne (Fiat and Fiat Auto’s managing director), is now running fast on business’roads: after a sort of start up with the “little” cars, such as Fiat Panda, Idea, Grande Punto and Lancia Ypsilon, Musa, now Fiat is heading stright on the C-segment, aimed to come back being a real protagonist in Europe again. A and B segments are very important, but still C segment is definately strategic both for the number of sold units in Europe, and for the pay-off. If “Made in Italy” kept quite until now with Stilo and 147, music is now changing: therefore Italian car industry is expected to become soon the real star in this segment! Just dreams?No, and Fiat new Bravo, Lancia Delta HPE and future Alfa Romeo 149 show it: they all can compete without fear with European competitors, as Fiat Grande Punto is doing successfully. As far as these new cars’ debut, in our opinion it is probable public will be able to see Fiat Bravo prototype at the 2006 Bologna Motor Show, while we still have to wait a little bit for Alfa 149, maybe until Frankfurt…moreover, the international presentation of Fiat Bravo is expected to be on 2007. Music really changed, and we are now waiting in suspense for the foreign car manufacturer’s reaction, which has been definately caught out by Italy…