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Ford Nuova Fiesta

First test on the road for the German compact!

The Verve concept car, presented by Ford in Frankfurt, has started its way down to the dealers to become the new Fiesta. The disguises applied on the test car, caught by our photographer, are still abounding, but the proportion seems close to the fashion Verve, as it is for the front lights and the air scoop. The rear is fully covered by black adhesive tape, but it is not difficult to guess the similarity with the scarlet prototype.

The kinship with Mazda 2 is a sign that this car will be very dynamic and sinuous. Obviously the shiny version showed on the motor show is more sporty and futuristic than the one that will debut on the car dealers (for example for the 18″ wheels), but the common traits are already present.

On the engine side there are interesting news on both the petrol and gasoline front, but there is nothing official yet. The petrol engine line should start from the 1.3 liter, passing by the 1.6, and reaching the 1.8 liter, while for the gasoline the line should be made by a 1.4 and a 1.6 liters.

In the future there should be one o more sport versions with the classical names of ST and RS. Probable the adoption of the new transmission gear with double transmission clutch developed by Ford on the model of the Volkswagen’s DSG.

TUTTO SU Ford Fiesta
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