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Mitsubishi nuova Lancer

The sedan is having its debut in Detroite...

When we talk about Mitsubishi Lancer, you wold for sure recall all deffierent Evolution versions, employed during worldwide rallies. Anyway, Lancer is different, quite a comfortable and quiet sedan, even if it hides a turbo engine of almost 300 hp: what is certain, this car is too overshadowed by its rally sister’s success.
A new face Now things are changing. The new Lancer, already prefigured by Concept X protytpe, look preatty nice and original: The front is aggressive but cutting edge at the same time, while massive sides and the compact rear draw a balanced and personal design. What is certain, a nice spoiler and would make this car appear like a monster, but at the moment we can only say this sedan’s design is definately successful.
One to one Mechanics is saide to be very interesting too. There are two engines, a 2 litres fuel MIVEC of 150 hp and a 2.0 diesel 2.0 developed by Volkswagen. Therefore performances are said to confirm new Lancer sports soul!
How much does it cost? We can answer this question only after the official debut and the usual press presentation. Anyway, as some elemnts have changed, we expect a different, maybe lower, price compared with the previous generation.

TUTTO SU Mitsubishi Lancer
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