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Roewe 750E

A Chinese name, a renewed design, and a touch of English elegance...

The long soap-opera about Rover seems to be never-ending. After many “coup de theatre” and surprises, we can now explain in little words what really happened: Chinese automaker SAIC (Shanghai Automotive Industry Corporation) bought all technology rights to make both 25 and 75 models in China, while Ford Group bought Rover brand. Therefore, the the first results of the whole event are the following: a new Chinese brand brings to rebirth one of the two models which was bought from SAIC, creating a new model: Roewe (Rong Wei in China) 750E sedan. According to SAIC, the name “Roewe,” pronounced “roo-eevee,” was chosen because of its resemblance to the Spanish word for lion and to the English word “we,” for the “power of the masses.”
Design Roewe 750E was built using technology from Rover 75. The high-end sedan has its debut at the Beijing Motor Show with some little changement on design: a single frame on the front, the aerodynamic front spoiler with side slits for position indicators and fog light, Goodyear tires, and a flat rear, different from the round shape of the English model. Therefore just little changements, which are useful to make the car suitable for the specific market segment. As far as interior is concerned, it is still luxury: radica detailing, genuine leather seats, bi-colored plastics, good technology: in brief, a good vehicle.
Engine Roewe 750E is powered by a 2, 5-litres six V-cylinder fuel unit, to achieve every customer who is looking for elegance. We still have no information about technical features and performances, but we know for sure that, at the beginning, the car will be sold in China, even if SAIC is hoping to use Rover’s reputation to gain a niche for the Roewe in both the Chinese and European markets. The company has an initial target of 600,000 SAIC-branded vehicles a year by 2010. It eventually plans to boost production to 2 million units. SAIC is one of several major state-owned automakers that China plans to build into internationally competitive auto conglomerates.

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