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Ultimissime: Honda S2000 Type S

A great tuning for 700 HP and ready to fly...!

If you know Porsche, you haver for sure already heard about Gemballa. Porsche tuner Uwe Gemballa has set his sights and his wrenches on ratcheting up both the performance and appearance of what many consider to already be the world’s ultimate super car, the Porsche Carrera GT.
Mission (almost) impossible
we have laready introduced to you many Gemballa’s works, like Carrera, Cayman and Boxter, and they all are absolutely beautiful. Anyway , this is a supercar, and we think it is not so easy to put hands on such cars. But Gemballa worked hard, for a great result. After all, who would argue about the performance credentials of a $440,000 mid-engine rocket that leaves the Porsche factory packing a 5.7-liter, 605 horsepower V10 that can launch it to a top speed of 205 mph?
Gemballa is the first to raise his hand. Condiser that the Stuttgart-headquartered tuner has already squeezed 750 horsepower out of the flat-6 in the latest 997 iteration of the venerable 911.
To get that much power, Gemballa applies a tuner trick that the Porsche factory introduced to the world almost thirty years ago – turbocharging. Not just one turbocharger, but a pair along with a specially developed roof-mounted (Yeah, we know the Carrera GT is a roadster we’ll cover that in a minute.) air intake system that starts with a carbon-fiber airbox, employs an intercooler, and ends with a Gemballa designed titanium exhaust system with four outlet pipes. Displacement remains the same, but in a rare case for Gemballa of less is more, special pistons are installed that lower compression to withstand the rigors of turbocharging.
Wait, things get even wilder. It takes more than sheer horsepower and torque to push roughly 1.5 tons of exotic materials through the atmosphere at 250 mph. Gemballa went to the wind tunnel and devised a more aerodynamically efficient, closed cockpit body for the Carrera GT. While he was at it, he added gullwing doors. The result is remarkably similar to the Porsche GT1 factory racer that won Le Mans in 1998.
The interior is as wild as the exterior. The dashboard features digital instruments and a monitor for cameras that replace the rear-view mirrors. Lightweight sport seats consist of carbon-kevlar frames upholstered in leater. In conclusion, as far as its behaviour on the road Team is waiting for testing the car!

TUTTO SU Honda S2000
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