Volkswagen Golf R GTI

The new Golf which develops until 375 hp...

As you have already understood by reading our articles, we used to criticize excess of tuning. As a matter of fact, we better appreciate softer elaborations: as an example, made in USA tunings often seem to us too extreme, so far from our ideal type of sporty looking vehicles.
Otherwise, we think there is an example of a good tuning coming from America: Volkswagen Golf R GTI, which has been introduced at the Californian Style Centre of VW during the recent SEMA Show in Las Vegas. In this case we find a good design together with an excellent mechanical organization, as its TFSI engine now can reaches until 375 hp.
Black skin Golf R GTI’s bodywork is completely black, for a very aggressive look, with just a few red lightinings in the radiator grill and in the 19” alloy wheels: what is certain is that R GTI can not be unnoticed…! Even the carbon trimmed hood is high-calss, and the lower splitter is in tune with sidepannels. We find a spoiler also at the rear, which does not look excessive though, in addition with a lower dam, where two trapezoidal exausths find place.
Inside the cab everything is well studied: shell seats, suede steering-wheel and sports finishes on the foot pedals. On its whole, everything gives a very sporty look to Golf GTI’s interior.
Three Hundred Seventy-Five Such an engine, a two litres turbo which can offer an output of 375 hp, is always something really impressive to us. Over all when the tuning is official, as in this car, being for this reason supposed to respect all standards of an off the shelf car. Changements on this German 4 cylinders engine firstly concern its charging. The up-charged turbine breathes thanks to a full-bodied intercooler, to charge FSI direct injection. The result of it is very interesting: not only power gets improved, but also the torque raises up until 460 Nm. Volkswagen Golf R GTI goes from 0 to 100 Km/h in just 4,8 seconds.
Debut in Europe? An enhanced version of Golf GTI could also arrive in Europe, maybe leaving all different stylistic solutions back in America. What is certain, its engine would be very appreciated by all Golf fans, as it is supposed to be the most powerful engine ever produced by Golf car manufacturer.