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Alfa Romeo 149 sarà il nome ufficiale?

Will we see it in Frankfurt or Bologna?

The Italian car manufacturer now reveals its brand new project, Alfa Romeo 149, which will success the “old” appreciated Alfa Romeo 147. Thanks to all infomrtaions we caught on the Web, we can draw up an ipothetical version of this future car, tryingin to imagine how it could look like. Family feeling New Alfa Romeo 149 will probably inherit from its “sisters” many technical solutions: the flatcar is supposed to be realized by simply shortening the 159 premium, without a specific project; both Alfa 149, Alfa Brera and Alfa Spider are said to have a common base, a solution adopted to maximize weight and prices, and to still guarantee outstanding driving pleasure; in conclusion, Alfa suspensions and MacPherson or Multilink at the rear could complete the sketch. Powertrain suggested Together with new Alfa Romeo 149, also brand new engines developed from Fiat Powertrain Departement are said to debut. We are certain about the adoption of direct injection ( maybe a Starjet like on Grande Punto 1.4), and the unit will probably be supercharged. Fuel unit is said to be linked to low capacity, as we have already seen for exemple in Volkswagen: fuel engined will be supercharged and well refined, for a great engine well suitale for every speed and even low consumptions. The most interesting new engines are the new 1.4 T-Jet, which is said to offer an horsepower output of around 150 hp, and the new supercharged 1.8 JTB, direct injection, whome many automotive journalists and experts have talked about for weeks. The 3.2 V6 unit is confirmed in the range top (GTA version), combined to Q4 integral, while the most aggressive versions will adopt the efficient front differential, named Q2. In terms of diesel, the 1.9 M-Jet power is supposed to be enhanced, maybe until 2.0 litres. According some gossip, this version could develop until 175 horsepower, while a biturbo version could also touch 200 horsepower.
Alfa design The sketches we are suggesting you want to draw up a style ipothesis with all characteristics which should feature the 149 bodywork: 8C front lights, enhanced dimensions, round rear lights and muscular shapes on its whole.
Of course it is still too early to judge this car, so do not quit to have more informations on the next months! Launch There are many different opinions about it. The most propbable hypothesis is that the new Alfa Romeo 149 should be launched in the first half of 2008 in Italy, but maybe even before. As far as the Italian price list is concerned, it is expected to start from 28.000 euro about. Anyway, is always ready to catch the latest infomrations, so stay in tune with us to be updated!

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