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Peugeot 908 V12 HDi FAP Le Mans

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Peugeot 908 V12 HDi FAP Le Mans Diesel Lion’s technology runs on racetrack It was announced last June: Peugeot will engage its diesel technology on a sports car endurance race, in particular at the world’s most famous 24 Hours of Le Mans. This choice, as Audi R19 TDI has already done this year, will help to make this race still more exciting. For Peugeot this won’t be only a sports challenge, but also a good way to test and show to the world the force of its turbodiesel engine technology. A shell structure Peugeot 908 V12 HDi FAP proptotype is built around a carbon composite shell structure. This choice permits to improve aerodynamics performances, while, on the other hand, weight and centre of mass are a bit superior. The service responsible of Pegeut Sport aerodynamics, created at the benninig of 2006, had to define in a few weeks an external structure as original as functional. Car design combines dynamic performance, comfort, luxury and environmental protection. In short, it is an exclusive four-door vehicle that will capture the imagination of both occupants and onlookers. 700 horsepower The 908 RC is powered by Peugeot’s V12 HDi DPFS (diesel particulate filter system). The engine has a capacity of 5.5-litres and offers a level of performance unprecedented for a diesel engine, with a maximum power output greater than 700bhp and, above all, an exceptional torque in excess of 1200Nm. With a 100° V angle architecture, the engine’s centre of gravity is as low as possible. Two particulate filters are located at the end of each exhaust system ensuring the car’s environmentally-friendly credentials. The engine is arranged in a rear central transverse position. Similarly the compact 6-speed electronically controlled sequential gearbox has been specially adapted to withstand the phenomenal torque, and is located under the engine. Exterior style The design of the 908 RC creates a particularly low-lying exterior body with a stylish tapered design at the front of the vehicle. Its proportions create an elegant and dynamic statement. Sitting on large diameter 20 spoke alloy wheels (20’’ at the front, 21’’ at the rear); the overall effect is that of a big cat, from the nose at the front, to the tip of the rear lights. The metallic black body colour with its bluish reflections further enhances the impression of status, dynamism and purity portrayed by this car. Challenge is open! Racing cars should be more efficient than good-looking, so it is not good to judge a car like Peugeot 908 V12 Hdi only seeing it on a Show Room. Anyway, we are sure that Audi, after winning this year, will meet a strong adversary next year. Peugeot’s experience in competions and its know how in matter of turbodiesel common rail make our wait for its debut really hot…

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