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Chrysler Nassau concept

An original and aggressive sedan...

DaimlerChrysler introduces some new entries at NAIAS Detroit Motor Show: among these, also Chrysler Nassau, a four-door coupé which can host four passengers. The car was conceived for an extreme driving pleasure, that is why the car is definately characterized by an emphasis on driving dynamics.
Design: less innovation, more sportiness From the pictures we suggest you today we can notice a clear Chrysler style (as Crossfire and 300C), with big lights with quite a particular shape, panoramic roof and a descending rear like Alfa Brera, which allows quite a roomy baggage. On its whole, Nassau Concept’s design is not properly innovative, as it shows a clever mix of many fashion elements. Inside the cab, we find four seats separated by a central tunnel. Interior are definately sports, with ergonomic seats, intrument panel equipped with joystick like BMW and a three-spoke steering wheel.
Made in USA powertrain The car is powered by an American style unit, a 6.1-litre engine of 425 hp, which allows a 0-100 Km/h in just 5 seconds. Of course Chrysler Nassau Concept futures all equippments necessary, like car navigator, all gadgets for mobile, without forgetting i-Pod, a litle object which in USA is already become essential. We still do not know if Chrysler Nassau will become a standard version one day, maybe it will if customers will appreciate it, firstly visiting the concept car at Detroit Motor Show.

TUTTO SU Chrysler Crossfire
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