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Ford Airstream Concept

A camper an for an everyday use...

Do you belong to the noisy world of driving day-tripper? Do you love bringing with you a mobile home while travelling around the world? If you recognize yourself in this description, here you can admire the proper vehicle for you. Ford has introduced a new van, which could become your future “travelling house” for all your trips.
Ford Airstream Concept is a completely new car which has been created thanks to the cooperation from the American car manufacturer Ford and the renowned van constructor Airstream. This vehicle put together some characteristics of both a camper van and a car, meeting some camper van’s peculiar elements such as room and versitility together with that easy handling of a traditional van. Style is very glaring and modern, thanks to quite a weird “roundish” shape of glasses and to the shine finishes on the bodywork. In addition, we find some “exotic” elements, such as big alloy wheels and gull-wing doors, the right elements to hit every visitors during such a crowded international kermesse.
New Age
Interiors definately look like a lounge bar more than a car: a sofa at the rear, red coloured elements, and an original and nice column-shaped lamp, which shines with a soft shade, making the atmosphere inside the cab much more comfortable and relaxing.
Under the hood we still find some futuristic elements as well: the powertrain is composed of an electrical engine syistem, which is charged by plug-in hydrogen hybrid fuel cell. team is wondering if using Ford Airstream concept as a mobile editorial unit…

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