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Fiat 500 – Long Test Drive

500 km by 500!

No, this is not a word game. decided to test new Fiat 500 on a 500 km long way. A few days after the awaited international launch, the new queen of the four wheels industry entered garage, to become the protagonist of a new long test drive around Northern Italy’s roads. Well, first of all we can not help saying this car is beautiful. Everybody likes new fiat 500, there is no doubts about it. But can we say this car is also a good car? To answer this question, let’s start the engine and left our city, to drive this and study its characteristics and its behaviour on the road. On the road with 100 hp The protagonist of our experiment is the 1.4 litres unit of 100 hp: this enigne has already showed to be very good in the sporty Fiat Panda 100 hp, will it be the same also in the new Fiat 500? We start our test in the caotic city centre. Among the urban traffic, we can appreciate the interior passenger comfort this car offers. On the other hand, the most important ability a car must have to face the urban traffic is that of being agile and having a good sprint at low speed. But the new Fiat 500 does not seem to satisfy this needs: the car does not offer a good release. Anyway, in a second moment power comes out. The little dimensions guarantee an excellent manoevrability, also thanks to the great gear. In terms of consumptions, inside the city they are around 7/8 litres per 100 km. As we left the city, we can run at 90 km/h, and consumptions go down until 4/5 litres per 100 km. Inside the cab, we can appreciate both comfort and silence. But as we enter the highway, things change: the noise increases, and the sound we hear is now less pleasant. Therefore, this car shows to be quite good inside the city and on highway, and excellent outside the city. But how is the car on slopes? We disovered this car shows two different personalities: on one hand, the little car does not show to be very aggressive under 4500 RPM. On the other hand, as soos as we reach 5000 RPM Fiat 500 becomes a tiger, and it shows all the power of its 100 horsepower. Therefore, while running on slopes and hills, you only have to keep it over 5000 RPM to appreciate all its power. The only problem, are consumptions, as they increase too much. The importance of being cool How many times, walking around our town, we see a beautiful girl and we wonder why she does not look at us? There are two solutions for it: to become like Johnny Deep, or… to buy new Fiat 500!As a matter of fact, going around Verona streets we noticed how all passengers turned their heads to look at us, and we felt like being famous people! The effect this car produce on people’s imagination is really impressive. What an exciting feeling being a protagonist on Verona square! In brief In conclusion, after 500 km by new Fiat 500 we can tell you in sumn what we learned about it. The final opinion is definately positive. The comfort inside the cab is excellent, even if rear seats are not very roomy: this is not the proper car for very tall people. Also front comfort is excellent,: we can say the car is definately elegant and dashing on its whole. On the other hand, we dare to say the 1.4 200 hp litres is not so perfect as it was expected to be: it can give us strong feelings at high speed, sure, but it is quite “lazy” at low speed: as a result, the car become not so agile as a little citycar is supposed to be. Anyway, nobody is perfect, and we can easily miss out it sweet little faults, and get delighted by all endless Fiat 500 charm.

TUTTO SU Fiat 500
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