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Jaguar S-Type 2.7D V6 – Long Test

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Jaguar S-Type 2.7D V6 – Long Test A weird couple… Jaguar style and powerful diesel engine When a Jaguar car and a gas engine meet together, the result is so unusual to impress everybody. This time we were lucky to test an elegant Jaguar S-Type 2.7D, a perfect combination between Castle Bromwich’s standard structure and an engine which has been a protagonist in the last ten years: a V 6 diesel unit, projected by Ford and Peugeot-Citroen. Elegant design In addition to the delicate XJ shapes, Jaguar technicians made the rear even more modern, with two very new bigger lights which balance the whole design, accompanied by a new sports rear bumper. The four eyes which have distinguished S-Type since ever did not change; on the other hand, the new bumper is equipped with more aggressive air intakes, and the radiator grill is renewed as well: as a result, the car looks even more fascinating and elegant. Obviousely also Sport and R versions are coming, even more aggressive and characterized by a classical “Sporty Look”, a real symbol of Juaguar’s sportiness since 1961. A 2.7 V6 turbodiesel engine of 207 hp! The main innovative element in this Jaguar S-Type is certainly its bi-turbo 2.7-litre engine, which is the result of a technical partnership between Ford, PSA (Peugeot Citroën) and Jaguar engineers, and which represents a mechanical revolution. This engine was produced in the new Ford Diesel Business Centre in Dagenham, and it has required 350 milion euro: the results are positive for sure, as its technology is absolutely the best in the segment. This new engine offers a power output of 207 hp and 440 Nm of peak torque, for an accelaration of 8.5 seconds from 0-100 Km/h and a maximum speed of 230 Km/h. Consumtions are incredibly low: Jaguar declares 7.1 litres/100 Km, while in extra-urban the average rises until 5.7 litres/100 Km. Power and technology Technical structure of the vehicle, deeply renewed in 2002 thanks to the introduction of new elements on chassis and suspensions, has been now renewed again thanks to the introduction of new elements studied to reduce friction in the movements of suspensions and renewed shocks to improve dynamic S-Type performances. The entry level of the fuel set has a 3-litres engine, six cylinders, which develops 240 hp, and 6800 RPM, and a peak torque of 293 Nm. For the top version, S-Type is expected to be powered by a 4.2 litres, 8 V-cylindres, 300 hp and a peak torque of 420 Nm in the aspirated version, which become 400 hp and e 553 Nm of peake torque in the supercharged version. Fine interior Even quality of interior improves, which now offers a more precise care and new comfort, safety and ergonomics standards. Instruments are renewed , thanks to the digital information displayed on two LCD dashboards. Internal seats dress Italian Pasubio leather, with new colors, and even coverings become more interesting, as if required they can be alluminium, instead of classical radica. On the road Once started the engine, it’s hard to guess that you’re sitting in diesel powered car. Everything is the same as gasoline version, including the sporty character. Urban chaos won’t let us understand the really qualities of this powerful unit, but it’s great elsticity mixed with smooth automatic gear make relaxing also the worst traffic jams. Everything works good in this car: also consuptions are great. Our tests confirmed that with a careful driving style it’s possible to reach even better results than the 16km/litre declared by Jaguar for extra-urban run. The S-Type 2.7D V6 has good dynamic capabilities despite its long wheelbase. It’s a pleasure to drive this Jaguar trough a hill road. The room inside is enough for five passengers. Also a long travel can be affronted without any stress, this sedan looks made for long jurneys. The materials used are all top quality: the leather used for the seats is really elegant. The fantastic hi-fi made by Japaneese specialist Alpine works just great. How much does S-Type cost? The leadership of german luxury sedans is in danger: this Jaguar is beautiful. As to see standing, looking like a big, smooth cat, as to drive. You can take home this fantastic example of British way of making cars for 51.550 Euros: this is the price for the Executive version, object of our test.

TUTTO SU Jaguar S-Type
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