Mercedes Slr McLaren Roadster – Primo contatto

An Italian circuit anticipates Frankfurt!

Misano Adriatico – Driving an “object” valued four-hundred-and-sixty thousand Euro. How many times something like that happen in life? And if it was not enough, passengers on another five-hundred-thirteen thousands. If the driver is a former professional pilot by the name of Gianni Morbidelli, it is the perfect day. On the Romagna circuit the new Mercedes-Benz Slr McLaren debuts (two months before the Frankfurt International Motor Show) alongside the limited 722 Edition, a gift to the 1955 affirmation at “Mille Miglia. The name refers to the time the race begun that day. It’s a very exclusive model. In Italy only two models of the 722 racing car will be delivered. The cost is prohibitive, but performances are shocking: it does not start, it take off (as metaphor, while in reality is very grounded to the street). Its acceleration is like a rolling. Even the doors’ opening, that recall the seagulls’ wings, give a flying impression. There are few Slr McLaren Roadster’s customers on the world: both because of the cost and also for the availability since it is a series of merely half thousand vehicles, half dozen assigned to Italy (with few contracts already signed). To describe the 722 Edition we will need only two numbers: it reaches 337 kilometers per hour (5 more than the sister, with an acceleration from 0 to 100 in 3.6 seconds. In 10,2 seconds it reaches 200 km/h … basically the time to push the accelerator to the bottom. The aerodynamic design do its part, but the best performer is the engine of 5,5 liter, the V8 Kompressor, made by Amg, that build up a power of 650HP. A whole herd under the hood. The asset configuration is inevitably more rigid and lowered by 10 millimeters. Weight and consumption cannot be ignored: 232 kilograms only for the engine and 14,5 liters every hundred kilometers (for this reason all 97 liters available to the tank are necessary). Anyone who spend half million Euro cannot be picky at the gas station. The “normal” Slr has 626 HP, a maximum speed of 332 km/h and an acceleration of 3.8 (from 0 to 100) and 10,9 (from 0 to 200) seconds. This exclusive roadster has been tuned by both exigent customers of the brand and with the Formula 1 participant manufacturer. Like the coupè, this two-seats has a high-performances body made, like many components, with synthetic carbon fiber material. This material weight 50% less than steel and 30% than aluminum. The door opening – with 170 degree angle – is fantastic. The only problem is that it is necessary to get used to the new position of the lock system that is now on the bottom of the door instead of the conventional middle height position. The transmission gear is either automatic or manual. The car weight 1,724 kilograms, it is 4.656 meters in length, 1.908 meters of width, and 1,251 meters in height. The Mercedes-Benz Slr Mclaren roadster costs around 513,000 Euro, about 60,000 Euro more than the most economic coupé (the 722 is the “middle” version). The biggest problem is actually the availability: there is an high risk to be in line to spend about one billion of the old Italian Lira, but it is nothing compared to the image.