Lancia nuova Fulvia

See it in Frankfurt? is following with great interest all the new “special” models coming from Fiat Group, i.e. all that concept vehicles which could develop into future outstanding cars. This is a good moment for the Italian car manufacturer, which reached the 10% of the European car industry. Among the most awaited cars, we find the new Lancia Fulvia.
Lancia is one of the very few motor manufacturers than can boast customers who are demanding aficionados of the brand and lovers of beauty yet also great connoisseurs of the most sophisticated technology. A leitmotif links all Lancia cars: a continuous quest for innovation linked to the most exclusive Italian craftsmanship.
New Lancia Fulvia has arisen great interest since its first introduction as a concept car, thanks to its “retrò” design and to its dashing name, which referes to a successfull past model. The year was 1965. At the Geneva Motor Show, Lancia introduced the Fulvia Coupé 1.2, a powerful, well-balanced car that was absolutely unique for the mechanical solutions adopted.
The Fulvia Coupé was a fine example of the elegant sportiness that has always typified certain models produced by Lancia. It took just a few touches to convert a road vehicle into a racing car. Think back to the legendary Fulvia Coupé Rallye 1.6 HF that won the Montecarlo Rally in 1972 with Sandro Munari aboard and also raced off with the world Brand Championship. The following year, the Lancia model pulled out of official racing and in 1976 the Lancia Fulvia Coupé ceased production after 140,000 had been built.
And now, forty years on from the debut of the first Fulvia saloon and thirty-one years after Munari’s victory, Lancia has decided to build a prototype to celebrate one of the models that made the brandname famous throughout the world.
Let’s discover together what is going to be the future of new Lancia Fulvia.
Will there be a future Lancia Fulvia?
The story about the developement of this prototype seems to be neverending. According to Fiat’s projects, a special niche version of new Lancia could be created, but there are still no informations about its characteristics and feautres: maybe it will be a SUV based on a Fiat Sedici, a little coupè, a CC…nevertheless no one of these ipothesis could remind a Fulvia. That because Fulvia is said to be difficult to be produced, because of its particular design.
But maybe a new touched up version, with the same main features of the much ppreciated prototype and with a new Bravo base structure, could be a successfull model to be introduced at the next Frankfurt Motor Show…let’s see what wil happen…
Meanwhile, is waiting for more official news from Fiat Group. We can not help saying that we really like this Fulvia prototype, and we hope to see it in a new version as soon as possible. Until that moment, enjoy our rich photogallery!