Honda Stream Sport Concept

This car is not good for hearthweak people!

This is really quite a strong stroke for our hearts: such a van like this is a sure attack to our health. Of course w are joking, But what is certain is that this car is really weird and bizarre.
The car
Let’s take a traditional van, garnish it with many technological gadgets adn eventually let’s touc its design until make it seem like a car for a Ridley Scott’s movie: you will create a vehicle capable of exciting even the most sluggish dealer in the world.
Bodywork fearures new spoilers, definately wotked out and refined with dark detailings. General look is muscular, also thanks to the polished black varnished door and rear vertical lights with gauzy glasses. On the contrary, alloy wheels are not too big.
Science fiction…
But we are definately astonished taking a look at the interior. The bridge look like a bridge deck, with alluminium finishes and polished screens. Also sports seats are very nice, and we can say the same for the steering wheel, which looks similar to that of Honda Civic Hybrid.
Rear passengers can comfortably seat on two single seats, where they find a complete and elegant DVD system to amuse and enjoy themselves.
Future van
Maybe this can be a new solution for all future vans, which could aim to an improved room and comfort for all passengers?
This what it seems to be, even if to see this questa Stream Sport Concept running on the road we still have to wait for a couple of years at least…