Mini nuova Cabriolet 2008

Ready for the debut!

World Car Fans already took some pictures about it, and now we managed to catch a new serie of spyshot of the new awaited Mini Cabriolet. As you can see form out photogallery, the car’s development seems to be quite advanced.

When the roof is down, the 2008 Mini Cabriolet 2008 is very similar to the previous model, but this is a brand new model though. We think all Mini’s fans won’t find the car they expected to find: as a matter of facts, the new British baby-convertible will maintain the same traditional retractable roof.

In terms of powertrain, the new Mini is expected to be powered by the 1.4 unit of Mini One, the 1.6 BMW-PSA of Cooper and the aggressive 1.6 turbo of 175 hp of the Cooper S. We still do not have any informations about the diesel units…stay tuned with to have further pictures and informations about the 2008 Mini Cabriolet!