Subaru al Motor Show di Bologna 2006

SUBARU at the 2006 Motor Show di Bologna

SUBARU at the 2006 Motor Show di Bologna Tribeca star at stand 32… The star at the stand 32 dedicated to Subaru is for sure Subaru Tribeca, but we can also admire the great Subaru Legacy SW Bi-Fuel, Subaru Impreza STI, and Subaru Legacy Outback facelift. Tribeca is 4,82 m long, and it is placed inside the same segment of BMW X5, Mercedes Classe M or Volkswagen Touareg. At the same time, this vehicle can host seven passenger, as it is 1,88 m wide and 1,69 m high. Designed to be distinctive, progressive and confident, the B9 Tribeca has a one-motion flow from front to rear, with neatly integrated bumpers which eliminate ugly overhangs. Body surfaces are fluid and make the most of the large 18 ins wheels for a taut, road-hugging stance.The grille features Subaru ’spread-wing’ design with a centre piece like the fuselage of an aeroplane, surrounded by two flowing intakes which replicate the wings. This celebrates Subaru’s aeronautical heritage. Thanks in part to the compact engine and transmission, interior space is generous, allowing a third row of forward-facing seats to be offered as an option yet still offering useable luggage space.The B9 Tribeca is 4,857 mm long and 1,878 mm wide compared to the BMW X5’s 4,667 mm length and 1,872 mm width. Meanwhile, the Volvo XC 90 measures 4,807 mm and 1,909 mm. As for height, the Subaru is 1,686 mm tall compared to the X5’s 1,715 mm and the Volvo’s 1,784 mm.Subaru designers are especially proud of their interior both for practicality and styling. All major controls are easy to operate and locate and the fascia wraps itself around the driver like a cocoon, stretching out to flow into the door casings.Not only are the instruments sporty-looking, being housed in cylindrical housings but the electro-luminescent dials sweep in an arc when the ignition is turned on for a sense of occasion. All B9 Tribecas benefit from a low-centre-of-gravity 3.0 litre six cylinder ‘boxer’ engine renowned for its smoothness and effortless power. Already proven in the Legacy 3.0R spec.B, the engine produces 245 PS at 6,600 rpm and a solid 219 lb.ft of torque at 4,200 rpm. The bore and stroke are 89.2 x 80 mm respectively and the unit runs on a high – and therefore more efficient – 10.7:1 compression ratio.Special features include twin overhead camshafts per bank and Active Valve Control for the intake air plus Active Valve Lift. This both maximises pulling power at low speeds and top-end power in the higher rev-range. Also standard is a fast-response electronic throttle and a 3-port, 6-2-1 exhaust system which boosts power and lowers emissions. Because it is horizontally-opposed, the engine sits lower in the car, improving handling and stability and reducing body roll.