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Toyota Hybrid X

A preview of future Prius...

Toyota presented in Geneva a new concept car named Hybrid X. You could think this concept car conceeive only for its design and without powertrain… but it is not.
As a matter of facts, Toyota is worldwide leaderthanks inside the hybrid cars segment thanks to Prius, a compact sedan characterized by an original design and reduced emissions, thanks to its electric and thermic enigne: that is why Toyota Prius represents a concrete step toward a cleaner environment.
The concept Hybrid X anticipates the new design of the new generation of Toyota Prius: the car is cutting-edge, it can hosts four passengers, and it also features a wide glass surface.
You can get in very easily, thanks to the particular opening of the doors; both front and rear lights are LED, 20 inches alloy wheels. The interior is simple and essential, composed of recyclable materials.
Hybrid Synergy Drive wheel drive, electric and thermic engine, great aerodynamics: this is the secret of the success of this system, which is first of all affordable and also ecological.
Stay in tune with to discover much more about the second generation of Toyota Prius!

TUTTO SU Toyota Prius
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