Porsche 911 GT3 RS – Test Drive Report

Racetrack through the veins, and 415 hp...

Porsche 911 GT3 RS is very appreciated by all Porsche’s fans: it represents a perfect join between breathless performances and everyday-use versatility, and it is sold at quite a good price.
Porsche 911 GT3 RS can offer great sports performances, for all drivers who love true feelings. There are no cushioned seats and air conditioner, but the car offers an output of 415 hp at 7.600 RPM, thanks to a great 3.6-litres unit.
A light diet… Did Porsche 911 GT3 appear light? Well, this RS version is even 20 Kg lighter, as its weight is 1.375 Kg, for a specific power of 115,3 hp/litre…The traditional 0-100 unit is completed by an interesting 4.2”, and the car can go from 0 to 200 km/h in just 13.3”, while top speed can even overtake 300 Km, arriving until 310 km/h. Really breathless numbers, over all because this is sanctioned for the road: you can buy a pizza and you will be sure to bring it home still hot…even if pizza restaurant is in an other city!
Muscles and sports performances As tradition wants, “RS” versions always show a much more “muscular” shape. Even in this case Porsche 911 GT3 RS does the same, thanks to 44 mm added at the rear: This characteristic allows not only a higher stability, but also a better acceleration. For its diet, Porsche 911 GT3 RS adopted different solutions taken directly from races world: plastic window and rear window, and a carbon fiber spoiler. As far as livery is concerned, changements and adjustements do express a sports soul, but still without exceeding, while big surprises come from the interior. Only two seats, carbon fiber made with a wrapping and more extreme racing shape, overwhelmed by a big roll-bar, is what we see as we enter the cab.
Consolle is the only thing that reminds us the “quiet” 911 versions, as a familiar solution was adopted for the bridge and the central tunnel, where the conditioner misses.
A manual six speed transmission gear, in addition with the leather steering wheel, obtain a perfect grip, for a cab which seems to be stolen from the world of races: this interior allows a very srtict relationship between the vehicle and the driver, giving strong and real emotions to the customer.
On the road Honestly, we envy all that foreign journalists who could test the new GT3 RS: we guess many of our readers fell the same, that is why we decided to report everything we heard about Porsche GT3 RS test drive from all journalists’ words. What sudden strucks from the first impressions, is that Porsche GT3 RS is said to be more suitable on a traffic road as it was supposed to be. It is stiff and reactive for sure, but it is not so difficult and unbearable on short travels. Anyway, this beats shows definatley its best on a racetrack: the engine freaks up, reactions are said to be more sincere and predictable in comparison with the previous generation, but we still remind this is not a car for everybody.
And what about fault? Few, maybe the absence of standard carbon-ceramic brakes and power, which is still the same of the “normal” GT3. What is certain, is that the German 3.6-litres unit can give strong feelings and pure emotions to the driver, challenging without any problems every competitors.